Building a Home Lab

Building a Home Lab There are many reasons why IT professionals build home labs, from testing and development to learning and certifications. It used to be that we needed server hardware for building a home lab, not only is the equipment expensive but the electricity bill could take a hit as well and don’t get […]

Help someone is attacking my network!

Diagnosing and securing your network against brute-force and dictionary attacks I often get calls from customers saying “help someone is attacking my network!”, usually they have noticed excessive failed login attempts in their security logs or user accounts locking out frequently. Some people may find it surprising how common a problem this actually is and may not […]

Sage 200 Dashboards drop down box doesn’t work

Strange problem on a remote desktop server installtion of Sage 200 where Sage launches as expected and data is visble but under menus the dashboards drop down doesn’t work. Turned out to be caused by the desktop shortcut delivered by group policy didn’t have anything in the ‘start in’ feild. Populate it with the path […]