Powershell Create a New Directory Named With Todays Date

Powershell Create a New Directory Named With Todays Date This is a common requirement if using powershell to run certain scripts on a schedule and have the output stored in a dated folder e.g. a backup script. This solution is a pretty straight forward way of creating the directory. $today = (Get-Date -Format dd-MM-yyyy) $path = […]

Grant permission to public folder and subfolders

How to grant permission to public folder and subfolders. One frustration Exchange admins experience when trying to use the public folder management console is having to manually set the permissions on each individual public folder instead of being able to set it at a parent folder then have the permissions propagate to child items. Thankfully the Exchange Management Shell allows us […]

Exchange 2010 Unread Mail Count

How to get Exchange 2010 unread mail count from a mailbox’s inbox You may be asked to find out how many unread emails are in a certain mailbox and there are a few scripts around that can do this via Outlook but that might not be terribly practical for an Exchange admin. The Microsoft Exchange Web Services Managed API allows us […]

Exchange 2010 re-index mailbox database

Exchange 2010 re-index mailbox database Users may report that searching Outlook for non-cached or online mode mailboxes isn’t getting the right results or not returning results past a certain date. Also OWA may return “The action couldn’t be completed.  Try again later.” when trying to search. You need to reindex your mailbox database(s).  1. Run Repair-ExchangeSearchSymLinks.ps1. […]