Windows Server

Help someone is attacking my network!

Diagnosing and securing your network against brute-force and dictionary attacks I often get calls from customers saying “help someone is attacking my network!”, usually they have noticed excessive failed login attempts in their security logs or user accounts locking out frequently. Some people may find it surprising how common a problem this actually is and may not […]

Windows Server Backup 2008 email notifications

To setup Windows Server Backup 2008 email notifications and use an authenticated SMTP relay you need to script it and setup a scheduled task to run your script. Of course if you have an Exchange Server in your organisation you can use scheduled tasks to do an anonymous relay based on an event ID. First example […]

Extended disk doesn’t show new partition size in Explorer

Extended a VMDK or VHD then extended the disk in Server 2008 Disk Management console but disk still shows old size in Windows Explorer. Open a command prompt. DISKPART DISKPART> List Volume Lists the volumes DISKPART> select volume X (replace X with the number for the volume you have extended) DISKPART> extend filesystem DiskPart successfully extended the […]