Citrix XenApp closing published application doesn’t end user session

Citrix XenApp, when closing published application doesn’t end user session. See the below Citrix atricle for the cause and resolution:

This worked for me. In order to identify the annoying process that wasn’t closing when the application was exited I did the following.

1. With a test user account login to the published app in the normal way.

2. Next RDP into the XanApp server running the application using an admin account (not the same account as step 1). When you have RDP’d in start task manager and go to the process tab then place it in order of User Name and locate the processes associated with your test user.

3. Close the published app in the normal way. You should see a bunch of processes close in task manager in your RDP session. You will however have a few processes hanging around therfore Citrix will think you still have an active session.

4. You shouldn’t need to create the reg key detailed in the Citrix article for every process, there is likely just one keeping the others open. Identifying the troublesome process is simple trial and error. Ignore any normal windows processes and focus on any you don’t recognise or are obviously related to the published app. Test closing these processes one at a time, when you find the right one closing it should trigger the remaining processes to close as well.

Note:Don’t go any further if the troublesome process is related to an actual window of the application, chances are you need to close that window before closing the app. If the troublesome process is not related to any visible window then continue on…

5. When you find the process you need to create the following registry key for it:


Value Name: LogoffCheckSysModules

Type: REG_SZ

String: MyAppName.exe

6. Test. You should now find that when you close the app it will close properly and log off the Citrix session.


2 thoughts on “Citrix XenApp closing published application doesn’t end user session

  1. I have a similar issues but different. Excel closes for one user,but for a different user it does not. Same excel file opened by different user profiles behaves differently?

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