Server 2012 RDS ‘there are no Remote Desktop License Servers…’

Server 2012 RDS ‘there are no Remote Desktop License Servers available to provide a license.’

On a Server 2012 RDS farm that has been deployed and working for some time you begin to receive errors stating ‘The remote session was disconnected because there are no Remote Desktop License Servers available to provide a license. Please contact the server administrator.”

Server 2012 RDS 'there are no Remote Desktop License Servers...' Fig1

You verify your configuration is as expected, that you have valid CALs installed on a Server 2012 terminal server licensing server and that the RD Licensing Diagnoser doesn’t report any errors.

The issue may be that there is a bug with Server 2012 RDS session hosts where they will not look to the licensing server for CALs when the grace period ends. Microsoft are reportedly aware of this but as yet there is no KBA or hotfix for it.

The solution is to open the registry editor on the affected session hosts and browse to the following:

HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\RCM

If the ‘GracePeriod’ key exists you will need to delete it.

Server 2012 RDS 'there are no Remote Desktop License Servers...' Fig2

Note: You will need to give administrators read and write access to the key or you won’t be able to delete it. Also please observe the usual precautions when working with the registry and take a backup first.

Give your session hosts a reboot and all should be well.


So as many will by now have noticed the above fix is actually temporary and must be repeated every 120 days. I looked back into this recently to see if there is yet a hotfix for it and there sort of is although it appears Microsoft don’t have any confidence that it is actually a permanent fix and I can’t yet verify whether it is or not, some people seem to be saying it doesn’t work and some are saying it does.

Give it a try and would be great if people could leave comments to let us all know whether it works for you.

61 thoughts on “Server 2012 RDS ‘there are no Remote Desktop License Servers…’

  1. Hello All:

    This fix works first time and please note:
    I have a couple of 2012R2 Terminal Servers. Same problem so it is inclusive of R2.
    The key comes back immediately as soon as a user connects to a remote session.
    If I can find a more permanent way to fix this, I will post back. In the meantime, I have seen the original error message return on the R2 server after 120 days.

    Thanks again for the great tip. If there is no permanent solution, I am grateful to have only 2 servers !! Ciao…

  2. Hi,
    Thanks. This solution is very helpful temporarily. The problem comes again after 3 months. Anyone has permanent fix?


  3. simple.. just remove remote desktop services from role and features wizard, delete both
    1.remote dekstop licensing
    2.remote desktop senssion host..

    or easy say.. remove all.. :)
    hope its will help

  4. Miller Rosas says:

    Thank you for this tip, you are a genius. Microsoft wanted me to pay $499 to transfer already purchased CALs from another server. With this solution I can buy some time while I keep researching of how to move those CALs. Typical Microsoft, always wanting to charge for premium support. Thanks God for geniuses such as yourself always willing to share knowledge. You saved me big time

  5. Nick Williams says:

    Typical Microsoft nonsense.
    Why do we still have to do this stuff.
    The OS was > £1500, yet we have to waste days researching and implementing these
    silly tenuous bugs.

  6. Regedit, select you key, right-click–>Permissions–>Advanced–>Owner, select Administrators, Apply. Then grand FC to “System”, and, if you like, to “Administrators” also.

  7. I’ve also experienced this same issue on Windows Server 2008R2 and deleting the key suggested fixed it. I can’t see a MS hotfix for this version though.

  8. ¡Muchas gracias! Es justo lo que necesitaba para echar a andar el Servidor de mi cliente.

    Thanks a lot! Its what i need. My clients server now is working correctly.

  9. Nice!!! worked for me….read a lot of article about TS on Windows 2012, have to join domain and all to do Host configuration, and all i wanted to do is to just connect RD….definitely saved a lot of time…
    thanks guys!!

  10. Lathan Ashton says:

    fantastic article, worked on Win2012R2. just required the owner change in the permissions on the registry so the key could be deleted.

  11. Pete Simpson says:

    Thank-you. This worked for me too. We had to reboot, recycling TS services did not work. Now, to find the darn permanent fix.

  12. I had the same issue on a windows 2008 R2 server and what worked for me was the following.
    Make sure License server is working with no error message, and that your grace period has not ended.
    Verify your license is added under License manager.

    Add License server to RD Session.
    Go to RD Session Configuration
    Under Licensing – Click on Remote Desktop Licensing server
    Select Licensing and click Add and select the License server from window on the right and add it to the left. Click Ok. Click Ok.
    Restart server

  13. Had to change ownership to admin then grant full permission to key to delete – then restarted services and it worked fine :-)

  14. Hi RoBot,

    after deleting just only the Key in GracePeriod folder, after restart, there is new key. Is it ok? Or i need to delete whole folder GracePeriod?

    thank you.

  15. This really works for me!. but anyway i wish to share few add on too.

    1. You need to update in the permission for the key even if you are an aministrator for the server/host
    2. Please restart the Remote Dekstop Licensing. Remote Desktop Services and Remote Deskstop Configuration before trying to connect back via remote.

    Thanks guy :)

    • I tried changing the permissions and there is no option for changing ownership.
      I am using Server2012 R2



      • Try opening regedit as administrator. Change ownership options should be available by right clicking the key -> permissions -> advanced -> at the top of the dialogue box you should see owner and a link to change.

  16. This fixed this issue for us!

    I exported the GracePeriod reg setting. Set the Admin to full control and then deleted this setting. Restarted the server and I was able to remote in with no problem. Thanks for the solution.

    • I haven’t seen it returning on any servers I have used this fix on so not sure why it would be returning for you. I will check some servers I have used this on to see if it is coming back as well. In the meantime you could try using a group policy preference to delete the key.

    • Hi Rawad, thanks for reading.

      Try running regedit as administrator, if it still doesn’t work make sure domain admins have rights to the registry key.

      • Hi thank u for ur answer. I could solve the problem, the owner of the registery key is the “System” I added the administrator, then I changed the owner to administrator under advanced tab in the permissions, grant him full control, and in the end I could rename the GracePeriod.

  17. Hello,
    a better solution, instead of deleting the key, is to rename it. So it is much more easy to revert the change. I have renamed the key to GracePeriod2 and it works.
    Thank you for the tip.

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