SQL Database Mail Exchange 2010 421 4.3.2 and timeouts

SQL Database Mail relaying bulk email via Exchange 2010 gets 421 4.3.2 and timeouts. This article assumes you have already created your receive connector on your hub transport server(s) as per this technet guide here. I am also assuming you have configured database mail properly. This is a common issue if you have just migrated […]

Windows Server Backup 2008 email notifications

To setup Windows Server Backup 2008 email notifications and use an authenticated SMTP relay you need to script it and setup a scheduled task to run your script. Of course if you have an Exchange Server in your organisation you can use scheduled tasks to do an anonymous relay based on an event ID. First example […]

VMware ESXi some VM’s have no network connectivity

The problem: Some VMware virtual machine’s couldn’t contact their default gateway but most others could, all had static IP settings and were configured for the same default gateway. Troubleshooting: Initially identified the effected VM’s and discovered that the ones I was aware of were on the same host. I checked the other VM’s on the host and they had network connectivity. Migrating one […]