How to Update Cisco Router DSL Firmware

A step by step guide on how to update Cisco router DSL firmware. Cisco ISR router DSL firmware can be a source of frustration for ADSL users and is notorious for it’s its poor ADSL 2+ support in older models. Fortunately a firmware upgrade usually sorts this out and addresses the lack of ADSL 2+ support. However unlike your average DSL […]

Troubleshoot Cisco Site-to-Site VPNs

Troubleshoot Cisco Site-to-Site VPNs This article is a how to on troubleshooting a Cisco router site to site VPN that isn’t connecting or isn’t passing traffic. Troubleshooting Cisco site to site VPNs may not seem as straight forward as some other routers or firewalls as we don’t always get a decent GUI with lots of visual feedback telling us our VPN works or doesn’t work. […]