Building a Home Lab

Building a Home Lab There are many reasons why IT professionals build home labs, from testing and development to learning and certifications. It used to be that we needed server hardware for building a home lab, not only is the equipment expensive but the electricity bill could take a hit as well and don’t get […]

Graceful Shut Down of vSphere Guests from UPS

Graceful Shut Down of vSphere Guests from UPS How to initiate graceful shut down of vsphere guests from UPS. This seems to be a frequently asked question in the VMWare forums and a Google of this subject will return a variety of possible solutions. Where this solution differs from most is it allows you to shutdown VM’s in […]

VMware vCenter Server 5.1 Database is Full

If your vCenter Server Service won’t start and you are seeing event IDs 1105 and 1827 then your database is full. You are probably running the database in a SQL Express instance where the licensing limits the size of databases. Here are a few things you can do to make the database smaller. These are taken […]

VMware ESXi some VM’s have no network connectivity

The problem: Some VMware virtual machine’s couldn’t contact their default gateway but most others could, all had static IP settings and were configured for the same default gateway. Troubleshooting: Initially identified the effected VM’s and discovered that the ones I was aware of were on the same host. I checked the other VM’s on the host and they had network connectivity. Migrating one […]

Extended disk doesn’t show new partition size in Explorer

Extended a VMDK or VHD then extended the disk in Server 2008 Disk Management console but disk still shows old size in Windows Explorer. Open a command prompt. DISKPART DISKPART> List Volume Lists the volumes DISKPART> select volume X (replace X with the number for the volume you have extended) DISKPART> extend filesystem DiskPart successfully extended the […]