WMI Broken on XenApp Server

WMI is sometimes found to be broken on XenApp Servers.

Here’s how to fix it:

Open an elevated command prompt, then:

Check if repository is corrupt:

winmgmt /verifyrepository

if yes do:

winmgmt /resetrepository

(You might get an error here in which case manually stop WMI service as it probably has a dependency, then try again)

This will do a reset. Now register the Citrix classes.

cd %programfiles(x86)%\citrix\system32\citrix\wmi

mofcomp citrix.XP10FR3.mof

mofcomp citrixProv.XP10FR3.mof

mofcomp metaframe.XP10FR3.mof

mofcomp metaframeProv.XP10FR3.mof

mofcomp mgmt.XP10FR4.mof

Still looking for the root cause of this issue and will paste it when I figure it out.

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